Cultivating Creativity in the new year!

Cultivating Creativity in the new year!

Cultivating Creativity In The New Year  –  Let there be art!.  

The New Year is upon us, which comes with a few intentions for the year ahead.    So how about thinking about  ‘cultivating creativity in the new year?’  The more creative our goals the more exciting they become.

It gets the imagination flowing.  For me, it’s Let There Be Art!

I wish I had a dollar for all the times I’ve heard ‘ you’re lucky you’re creative’.  As if it’s only a lucky few that creativity is bestowed.  But it’s not at all, it’s about being able to express yourself in ways that make your heart sing.  In any form.

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an artist.  Being creative is about how you express yourself.  I happen to like expressing myself via paints on a canvas.  Others put pen to paper.  Some it’s baking a  birthday cake, others it’s rebuilding a car.   Whatever it is, it’s your passion!!

Just do something.  What I love most about creating, is making something come alive from nothing.  The more I do, and the more mistakes I make can ultimately lead to some of my best works.

More often the idea I start with, ends up as something completely different.  I used to find this so unnerving, distracting,  and discomforting, that I’d write it off as a waste of time.  Now, I just let it go, and let it happen, and more often than not, my reworks turn into something I’m completely happy with.  We all have twists and turns in our lives,  expressing our passions can be a nice way to manage them.

So whatever your passion, practice it.  It’s something you should pay yourself first, not as some afterthought when your days work is complete or your chores are done.  Make it a priority, because it’s not just a benefit to yourself, but to those around you as well.

And finally, – How about creating a meaningful life and pursue what you love and make cultivating creativity in the new year a goal.

Sincerely Juliet x